Something to do in Ann Arbor this weekend

Of possible interest to my fellow Ann Arborites: This Saturday, February 23 is the annual Con Ja Nai event, presented by the University of Michigan’s Anime club, ANIMANIA. Con Ja Nai is a free event to the public and will be held from 10 a.m. until midnight at the Modern Language Building on UofM’s central campus. It features screenings of anime movies, panel discussions, special guests, and assumedly, a general geek-outImage atmosphere all day long. Probably a bunch of cool kidz sporting Totoro backpacks, too. I imagine there will be a lot of quavering eyes and exclamation points shooting out of people’s heads when they talk to each other.

Here’s the voiceover tie-in: One of the special guests will be Kyle Hebert, most notably of Dragonball Z fame. He has a slew of animation, video game, podcast, and audiobook credits to his name. Come meet him at 4 p.m. and snag an autograph (nicely, please), or join one of his panel discussions at 5:30 or 9:00 p.m.


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