This other thing I’ve been doing

In non VO-related news, I’ve been taking pictures with my phone. I know! This makes me different from approximately zero percent of everyone in a first world country.

I always wondered if I could take pictures that were worth other peoples’ attention, rather than, a duckface selfie or poorly lit Facebook proof that I was at an event. Results were mixed until I upgraded (read: switched carriers) to an iPhone 4S. Not a bad little 8MP camera it’s got there.

Long story short, I needed a place to store mobile phone pictures I wanted other people to enjoy. Hence, Pixhumana.


I should thank my colleague, Mark, for 1) teaching me a few things about in-phone editing, and 2) telling me about an attachable micro lens that I ended up buying for around $5 on Amazon. You’ll find a few of those micro lens pictures on the blog.


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